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Chrystan Carlton, ESQ.


As the founder and driving force behind Carlton Law Ltd., Chrystan is a seasoned attorney who brings a dynamic and innovative approach to the firm, supporting small businesses, social enterprises, and nonprofit organizations, she ensures that every client navigates the complex legal landscape with confidence.

The Legal Team

Visionaries of Today

Ritchel Cogay - Executive Sales Assistant

Ritchel is committed to excellence in client service. With a keen understanding of client needs, she ensures that each interaction with Carlton Law is smooth, informative, and meets the highest standards of client care.

Paula Chavez - Executive Assistant

Working closely with Chrystan, Paula provides personalized and efficient support, ensuring that the firm's leadership is always prepared and responsive. Her role is pivotal in maintaining the operational excellence that Carlton Law prides itself on.

Zoey Zhang - Paralegal

Zoey’s deep legal expertise is crucial in supporting the firm’s case management and research activities. Her meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of legal processes enhance the firm’s capability to handle complex legal issues effectively.

Megumi Yoshioka - Legal Assistant

Megumi supports Carlton Law with her comprehensive legal knowledge and operational skills. Her dedication to the firm’s mission helps ensure that all client engagements are managed with professionalism and care.

Sakshi Shetty - Paralegal

Sakshi brings a thorough and meticulous approach to legal research and documentation. Her skills strengthen the firm’s ability to provide detailed and accurate legal support across all client cases.

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