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Received an IRS notice or facing a federal tax case? Carlton Law is ready to assist you. We have the legal knowledge and experience required to help you manage Federal Tax Law matters. Our firm has successfully handled negotiations for offers in compromise, installment agreements, and tax debt penalty abatements.


Considering purchasing a business or assets? Let Carlton Law guide you through your Commercial Transaction needs. We combine a deep understanding of the broader implications with the specific financial details to provide proactive solutions tailored to our diverse clientele.

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Choosing the right legal entity requires careful consideration of taxes and essential documentation. Carlton Law is here to guide entrepreneurs through the selection and formation process, ensuring your business structure aligns with your goals. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of successful launches, we're equipped to support the efficient start of your business.


Is your business committed to community welfare? Carlton Law supports the unique legal needs of Social Enterprises. We integrate our extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector with strategic business sustainability practices to deliver proactive, affordable legal solutions. Having been involved in numerous innovative and complex projects, Carlton Law is well-prepared to help determine if you qualify for our specialized Social Enterprise pricing model.

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